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Can anybody tell me about the state of Mujra dancers today?

I saw an older documentary (The Courtesans of Bombay) and I am curious if there are still performing Mujra dancers or if the art is fading away?
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    Hi Meissoun.

    I am just writing an article about the art of Mujra for my website and according to newer texts that I received from Geeta in Hyderabad the meaning of Mujra has changed completly in Indian society.

    The old and traditional art of Mujra was already fading away when so called Mujra came into fashion for Bollywood movies like Devdas, with has only elements and the rich and expensive costumes of the old dance in it. Mujra in Bollywood films means most of the time dancing with Kathak elements to Hindi pop music!!!

    and there is a second very bad thing that is also called Mujra dance in certain Indian borthels, mostly in Great Britain. New Scotland Yard reports claim that very young girls are smuggeled from India to this houses in Great Britain to do "entertain" rich Indians while dancing mostly undressed to pop music.....

    I will keep you informed when my article is ready!


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      Do you think it's possible to see a Mujra performance in Mumbai? Or is it a men-only entertainment?
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        Hi Meissoun, I was told that there should be at least 5 old houses (havelis) somewhere in the Rajasthan and Gujarati area, where there should be traditional Mujra performances from time to time... I can try to find out about the dancers....give me some time please.

        I dont know anything about the situation in Mumbai... just to make you laugh: I bought a DVD some weeks ago with the title: "Mujra Dance in Films" I was so exited to find it - and its only erotic dance (table dance!) done by Indian women....

        I could ask some people in Mumbai and then send you a pm?!


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    This topic is so interesting. I am really excited to find out the results of your research, Gauri! What do you all think of the much discussed topic of adding elements of old style and classical dance to pop or contemporary dance? Personally, for the most part, as long as the fusion is done with quality and after extensive research, I enjoy it. But where should the line be drawn?
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      Hi Jessica,

      I can only agree to your point... if any dance is done with a certain qualitiy and grace, its perfect, whether it is traditional, modern, or whatever.

      the line???? its very very difficult, because it depends on taste and feelings.

      I will give you an example: we have a quite famous bellydancer here, that dresses up with a mixture of a golden Bharata Natyam costume, without darvini, a bellydance bra, Thai crowns, these long Thai fingernails, dances to meditation music in a very *** (dont want to be impolite :-) !) Bharata Natyam style, and claims to have learned Indian dance in a former live... then I do feel very very bad about the whole thing, because I went to India so often and learned for serveral years there - but this is my personal impression about the whole stuff.... :-) - while a lot of bellydancers here think, that is is a real Indian dance????

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        There is another DVD out entitled "Best of Mujra Hits" (Bollywood's Smashing Hits). It includes tracks from Devdas (both old and new), Kismat and more.

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